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Anatomy of a boss

With the phrase ‘like a boss’ in common parlance you may be under the false impression this piece is about someone who does stuff really well (hence ‘like a boss’) when in fact in this case I’m referring to the more old school definition of someone who owns your time and tells you what to do whilst simultaneously praising your efforts to your face and taking any credit for it behind your back. You know the guy. If you’ve never worked for such a person then aren’t you just the lucky one? Anyway, you can tell he’s a boss because of his dead eyed stare, heart of ice, pockets of cash, f*!k you attitude and his legs full of bitterness and lost hope. And that’s what makes them tick.




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Fortune favours the brave!

Fortune - Ooh la la a lady's lovely legs!

Fortune wall

Fortune wall

Fortune entrance

Fortune - peep hole!

Fortune favours the brave!

A little bird told me Fortune is this way...

There we were painting the corridor downstairs at Seven @ Brixton when the owners of the imminently opening little boutique upstairs called ‘Fortune‘ asked us if we could paint a little something for them as well to brighten up their small-but-perfectly-formed shop. We didn’t have much time (less than 24 hours!) but as we have come to learn we work pretty well under pressure so of course we said ‘yes!’ and jumped right at it.

Fortune is a contemporary and vintage ladies boutique so the design needed to have that feminine touch. As the shop isn’t open full time they decided to put a peep-hole in the door so you could have a peek in whilst they were closed. We loved the idea of that so donned our thinking caps and decided that a pair of oversized lady’s legs reaching from floor to ceiling would look great through the peep-hole. We also put some stencils on the outside of the door to encourage people to look in and brightened up the wall they have most of their product on with some colour and a few freshly cut stencils. Finally we thought we’d best get some lucky black cats in there too. Just to make sure. After some feverish work and a little swearing it was ‘job done’ just in time for them to get their stuff back up on the walls and have their opening!



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Walking weird

I’m not sure crabs (or at least crab-style walking) is entirely the most suitable inspiration when creating a picture but that’s all i could think when i saw the original photograph of this lady in her ever-so-slightly odd posture. This was a quick piece done mainly because i liked the original image.





Title: Walking weird

Media: Watercolour, acrylic, ink and charcoal

Size: A3

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