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Life lesson learned

Now then. We’ve all learned life lessons and if you are anything like me it’s usually the hard way. This commission was based on events which took place almost 20 years ago but, i think, gave those involved an appreciation of the dangers inherent in committing any crime. Imagine, if you will, that we are back in the heady of days of the early 90’s and you have just spent all your money on a copy of Shaq Fu (or something very similar) for your shiny new Super Nintendo games console.

After taking it home and playing it for 20 minutes you realise it’s one of the worst games ever created so you take it back to the shop with a story that it was a birthday gift and you already have a copy so please can you get your money back. The store insists they can only issue a credit note for the value of the game so after realising they won’t budge you grudgingly agree to accepting the £7 credit note.

By the time you get back home with the credit note in your sweaty palm a plan has already formed in your mind. With calm efficiency you add a zero after the £7 and then add the letters ‘ty’ after seven. Hey presto! You’ve suddenly got yourself a credit note for £70! Easy.

Now all that’s needed is an accomplice to go back to the shop and buy up more booty they you could dream of. After enlisting the help of an innocent young friend the game is on. The purchase itself goes smoothly so it is apparently a done deal. It’s only when you get home that the phone rings and the manager of the store is asking for an explanation why the credit note that has just been used doesn’t match their copy of it. Uh oh! The jig is up and it’s only due to luck that the police aren’t involved and it can all be sorted with a hasty return of goods, a sincere apology and a promise never to do such things again. Life lesson learned.




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