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The Lady of the Lift

We haven’t really painted enough walls this year so when Irony got in touch to ask if we’d like to throw some paint around at Nags Head Market in Holloway we replied with all the gusto you can gather from two middle aged men, blew off the cobwebs and said yes. 

We were apparently meant to have between 4pm and 10pm to try and get two pieces completed but that was wishful thinking. Instead we had about 2 1/2hrs painting time due to the cleaner who kept gently reminding us that he was leaving soon and that we should leave as well. Nothing like a deadline to get an artist moving.

One of the pieces we managed to complete was ‘The Lady of the Lift’. She guards the lift entrance just like a bouncer and will only let you pass if she believes your intentions are good. Otherwise she just opens the door when the lift isn’t there and woe betide the fool who isn’t quick enough to realise…




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The first schedule – Part 1 and 2

Although the picture is colourful please don’t let that fool you, that is just artistic license. The man in front of me was the dullest person I have ever met. He was a lawyer, suited and booted consisting solely of shades of grey. From his suit, to his hair, to the grey sheen to his eyes, just completely grey. I was stuck in a lift with him and all he would talk about was the first schedule, a subject I had no clue about, and still don’t want to. Anyway, after he had explained part 1, he tried to move on to part 2 and this is where I had to draw the line, figuratively and physically. I told him that he couldn’t move if I was going to draw him and that included his mouth. By the time the fire brigade had arrived, I had completed this picture.

The lesson of this tale I hear you ask? Always carry a small kit of paints with you to disarm any dullard when stuck in a lift…



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This is the end of the line…

This is the end of the line…

I’m not entirely sure exactly what this chap has done to meet such an ignominious end but I hope it was something deserving of such a fate. He, and the man who threw him, haven’t got much longer to live anyway as we have now finally moved just about all our stuff out of the House of Pain(t) in readiness for the imminent arrival of the demolition crew.

We’ve only got one more carload of stuff to get and then we’ll be moved out. We’ve had a great time there for 18 months with our studio in the basement and the rest of the house to paint up over the last few weeks. It is definitely a sad day. The demo crew will apparently be arriving this week and I would just love if we could get some hidden cameras in there to see what they think of our efforts before it all ends up as rubble…




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