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The average colour of the universe

In 2001, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry determined that the average colour of the unirvers was a greenish white. It came to light just a year later that they corrected their own flawed analysis and reported that their survey of the light from over 200,000 galaxies averaged to a slightly beigeish white.

It turns out that wasn’t even the focus of their studies but I guess sometimes you learn what life throws your way. Now, quite what that means for us I’m not quite sure. It’s actually been called ‘cosmic latte’ which sounds better than beige. Saying that I had to work with ‘sahara beige’ as that was the closest colour match I could find. So there you have it.

Created on A2 paper using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if you’d like to give this bad boy a new home…




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Behold a pale horse…

There I was doing a bit of a spring clean in my studio/shed when I come across some old canvases and stencils behind a paint splattered table top. As it was Sunday and there’s always something better to do that tidying up I decided to put all my finds to good use. With the background already largely finished on this one a somewhat ghostly horse suggested itself for reasons best known to the muse. A little rummaging through the stencils and I’d found just the one to get on there. Once it was done I thought a little text around the edge to give it a little lift was all that was needed. The text reads:

‘And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying ‘Come and see’. And I saw. And behold a pale horse…’

As the canvas is old and a little cracked from winter in the shed I’m thinking the street is the best place for this bad lad. Now if I can just find somewhere suitable…



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Selene & Eos

Selene & Eos

Selene & Eos

We’ve all got busy work schedules but mythological sisters Selene and Eos cover 24 hours of the day between them. All day, every day since time immemorial so no wonder they look a little worn out. They probably need a good holiday but hopefully they’re not going to get one. They’re sisters to Greek sun god Helios but had important jobs of their own to take care. Selene was the goddess of the moon and brought the moonlight that allows a little illumination in  the darkness of night while her sister Eos was the goddess of dawn and personified the light of day. This picture then is from their small handover period just before dawn breaks. So there you have it.



Title: Selene & Eos
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, spray paint and charcoal
Size: A2

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With an eagle’s eye

With an eagles eye

After realising that we hadn’t got anything on the internet for a while i decided to pick up a can and get to work on a picture on one of the walls of our studio. At this point in the studio things were getting scary though as ice was beginning to form on the windows and some of the gusts of freezing cold air coming from the gaps around all the doors and windows were just getting a little to much to take. Needless to say i had to be quick or I might become a permanent fixture down there and so i picked up the black and went hell for leather, dancing around when not actually painting so as to not freeze on the spot. The only goal of mine was to try and use the hole already in the wall but apart from that it was bang, get it up and get out. A small piece of advice though for anyone who has to work in a cold, cold room for any length of time i would suggest you listen to either some of the hardest thrash metal or some of the dirtiest drum and bass you can get your hands on, which is what i’m more partial to, as these types of music can really get you to motivated. Here is a little present for all those unlucky few:

Good luck!



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Blow your mind – id-iom @ the Herbert Museum, Coventry

We were invited up to Coventry on the weekend to do some spraypainting for the Herbert Museum as they are soon to do a street art prints exhibition. We only managed to come up with a design towards the middle of last week and so (as ever) didn’t exactly leave ouselves much time for the cutting and general preparation. The concept was fairly simple in that the model (me!) would be opening a carboard box marked ‘Herbert’ and a concentrated beam of light would be coming out of the box (which is meant to represent the contents of the Herbert) that would ‘blow your mind’ and turn into a multicoloured stencil explosion after passing through the prism of his mind.  High concept indeed…

After an early Saturday start and a couple of hours drive the weather wasn’t great but was at least beginning to look up. Thankfully however we were working under a large gazebo-like tent so the few showers that did turn up didn’t even make us pause. After the boards were put together for us we set to work.

There were also a few other artists painting some boards as well including Pahnl, AsOne, Newso and Ame 72. All in all it was a great day out. We didn’t get to see all that much of Coventry and the little we did see I really quite liked. The ruins of the old cathedral (that were destroyed during the blitz) were particularly nice. On the downside thought there were bouncers outside a couple of the city centre pubs by 10.30am which i took to be something of a dubious sign…

We were the last to finish our picture but by the end of the day the weather was glorious and we had managed to gather a pretty reasonable crowd to watch us putting the final touches to it. After we had finished the guys from the Herbert said that our piece would be finding a new home inside the gallery – which is nice!

Big thanks to Dom and Jess from the Herbert for sorting everything out for us!



Title: Blow your mind
Media: Stencils and spraypaint
Size: 2.4m x 2.4m


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