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The LA Beast

Ah the power of the internet! Last week I was having a bit of a Youtube session when I came across a competitive eater by the name of the LA Beast who will eat just about anything. We first watched his cactus challenge video where, you guessed it, he eats a cactus. Whole. We then moved onto the ghost chilli challenge which brought tears to my eyes – as well as his. After perusing a few more videos we decided to check him out online. The banner on his Facebook page was looking a little pixelated so the muse demanded I create a new one for him as thanks for the amusement he provided.

Once I had an idea for the design it was all pretty straightforward except for the fact that I couldn’t find any decent resolution shots of his face in profile (which was required for my design). So there you have it. All that was left after that was to send it off to him and see if he’d get back. He did and it turns out he thought it was ‘awesome’. Everybody’s happy…




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This was a commission for our good friend Dave (a.k.a. DWTVLA). Everyone has a friend called Dave and whilst they are all as different as snowflakes they are all cut from the same cloth. I think their parents would have loved to call them something different but i reckon you just know when you’ve got a Dave on your hands and have to obey protocol and call them as such. To do any different would be spitting in the face of common courtesy and established tradition. It’s just so the rest of us know where we stand.

Anyway, this particular Dave has been working in LA recently. You can just tell by his face that he works in ‘meeja’ and whilst in LA has evolved to become a self facilitating media node. I know this for a fact as i’ve seen him with hisĀ Wasp T12 Speechtool in hand barking orders to his flea-bitten lackeys. Oh how he’s moved on since being McDonald’s employee of the year…




Media: Screenprint

Size: A4

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