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Now we here at id-iom don’t follow the traditional working week and that is why we have our 4th installment of Insect Week a few days after our third, we like to keep people guessing.

What can I tell you about Woody that you won’t already know? He has many names depending on where in the country you come from. Chiggywig, Timber Cow, Grandad Gravy, Cheesybug, Monkeypig, Slater, Crunchy Bat, Parson’s Pig and many, many more. He goes by them all. A man of mystery – and more…

What else? Well, for one, he’s a proper tea leaf and will nick anything that isn’t nailed down. Literally anything. He was once the household pet of Ed Sheeran but ended up being handed in to animal welfare because he kept complaining loudly, to Ed, that all his songs sounded the same. He also nicked Ed’s favourite socks before he left..

So  there you go. Forewarned is forearmed. He’s also actually a crustacean in case you were wondering. Woody is A3 in size and made using charcoal, acrylic and oil paint. Drop us a line if you’d like him to adorn your walls.




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