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Two hearts living in just one mind (mini magnet edition)

I’ve had Phil Collins on my mind a little too much recently. It is entirely inexplicable. So today’s piece, with its Collins inspired title, seems particularly fitting. We’ve used this image before in for a limited run of six A2 pieces (there’s still a couple left!) but today’s laser cut mini edition comes in at just 10cm x 7cm and has some magnets fitted on the back  for easy placement.

Anyway today’s piece is trying to express that duality that is contained within us all. Whichever aspect is on top doesn’t negate the fact the flip side still exists. Personally I think the key to happiness is trying to minimise the difference between the two. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I just love to get ambigrams into our work if I can and I think I’ve outdone myself with getting the angel/devil ambigram involved in a piece where it actually makes some sense. As I’ve put it on there twice (but flipped one of them) it reads the same whichever way up you have the picture so it’s like two for the price of one…





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Where’s the weekend? (mini magnet edition)

Where's the weekend? (mini magnet edition)

Where’s the weekend? (mini magnet edition)

I know it’s only Tuesday but surely you’ve already asked yourself this at least once. Here, as I’m sure you can tell I’ve gone for an artfully composed shot and stuck my little magnet on my preferred substance to abuse once the weekend is here. In my continuing quest to find fun things to do with a laser cutter I’m expanding from keyrings into little magnet thingamajigs. I’m working my way up to bigger bits but it’s enjoyable starting with little bits to try and familiarise myself with the laser cutter. This bad lad is already on it’s way to its new home in Portsmouth. Good luck to you lad!



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