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Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

I just love working on maps. They provide inspiration and a good background in one package. I don’t think this map will be guiding anyone very far again now that she’s art. I’m thinking the best she can hope for is to guide people to the living room…

Now, From Russia With Love is, of course, the title of a 1963 James Bond movie starring Sean Connery but here I’m referring to the phenomenon of mail order brides – of which the countries of the former Soviet Union provide such a bevy of such available ladies (so the internet tells me!) Hence the use of a map of the region.

Anwyay, this is a map of the good ol’ USSR and this is represented by the hammer and sickle tattooed across our bride-to-be’s heart to show her proletariat upbringing. Currently she has made her way west and is now betrotherd to a man in Birmingham, Alabama.

She has been constructed using acrylic paint, charcoal, paint pens and glitter. All this on a map! She’s 48 cm x 60 cm in size and signed on reverse.

Here is theĀ Ebay link

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