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Some call me pretty

Today’s eBay piece is ‘Some call me pretty’. You can check it on eBay on the link below:


There are those who are blessed with the gift of beauty and there are those who have unfortunately been hit with the ugly stick. I hear you think ‘how very shallow for beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and that is usually the case. But not always.

Nearly everyone who has had the misfortune of setting eyes upon this soul have come away from the experience in tatters. Expect psychological and emotional scarring for openers and just hope that it doesn’t get any worse than that. In the interests of full exposure I should really mention that it’s not just his looks which drain most people but also his unbearable personality. It has been said that he was once used to wake someone from a coma although how true this is I’m not sure. I can only imagine it’s a case of out of the frying pan and in to the fire with this situation though as once the poor victim is awake he’s fully aware he’s stuck in a room with this dolt…



Title: Some people call me pretty
Media: Acrylic, paint pen and charcoal
Size: A4


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Make love not war

Make love not war. It’s a pretty straightforward slogan on this one and it would seem this couple is taking it all quite literally. But I think perhaps it’s worth repeating given the troubling times we find ourselves living in.

With full on wars, proxy wars and terrorism springing up all over the world a little more love would go a long way. Originally from 1960’s US counter-culture movement it’s a pretty simple anti-war sentiment that is still pretty relevant.

As an aside I’ve used my favourite new font for the text on this called Sans Forgetica. It was developed by a multidisciplinary team of designers and behavioural scientists at RMIT University. It’s purposely more difficult to read than standard fonts as the ‘desirable difficulty’ you experience when reading it prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing. Which is both pretty cool and very fitting considering the topic. Win all round.

Make Love Not War is on A2 and has been created using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if interested…



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Hot Cars

Today on eBay we have ‘Hot Cars’. You can check it on the link below:


It was an incredibly hot day, too hot for some and definitely too hot for this unlucky fella. We’d already been in the car for about 7 hours by this point and it didn’t look like we were going to reach our destination any time soon. Tony, the poor soul in question, had been in the back seat sat next to Daisy for all of those 7 sweaty hours and I really wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I could recognise the anguish it was causing him as she was droning interminably on about her cats and had been ever since we’d left the city.

We’d all been there before but none of us chose to be the good samaritan and help him out. It was just too hot to be getting involved so we all just kept our eyes averted. In the end it got to much for him and he wound down the window and, for a second, I thought he was going to make a leap for it – but he didn’t. Instead he leaned out the window with his face in the air stream just like a dog being taken for a ride. The smile on his face as the wind make it impossible to her relentless chatter about her cats was enough for me.



Title: Humans die in hot cars
Media: Acrylic, paint pen and pastels
Size: A4

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It’s now or never man!

I thought it time for another double sided piece and ‘It’s now or never man!’ is the somewhat inevitable result.

Do you enjoy sitting on the sofa when you know you have something more important to do?

Can you spell ‘procrastination’?

Are you more inclined to err on the side of caution?

If you answered yes to any of or all of the above questions then ‘It’s now or never’ is just the product for you! It’s ideal to give you that extra little nudge you need to justify to yourself whatever decision you’re about to make. It’s that simple! Anyone can use them!

Side 2 features a disembodied and somewhat world-weary looking face giving us what surely amounts to a bit of stinkeye. Luckily for us he’s no expert at applying mascara – or lipstick for that matter it would seem. Simply inexplicable…



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How Can I Tell Her?

First up this week we’ve got a stone cold id-iom classic ‘How Can I Tell Her?’ in our eBay shop. Just follow the link below:


I’m not sure if i’ve ever suffered an existential crisis on the level that this man is currently having to deal with. Sure, I’ve had some strange notions from time to time but this guy’s desperation at his inability to tell his lovely lady that they aren’t really lovers and are, in fact, just stencils is somewhat heartbreaking. The swirling maelstrom of his thoughts is reflected in the somewhat random background. Just how is he going to break it to her? Life can be tough, can’t it?

This little beauty is on A3 paper and will look lovely once framed.


Title: How can I tell her?

Materials: Spraypaint and marbling inks

Size: A3

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Four King Hell

Due to incestuous breeding practices between many of the European royal houses over the last few centuries, poor Otto here has an unprecedented cross to bear which could have only come about due to these bizarre and ultimately unhealthy practises.

The problem arises due to the fact that poor Otto is now the king of four different European countries. Don’t ask me how this happened but I believe it has something to do with some arcane royal protocols that no one thought to have a look at and change.

If that wasn’t enough poor Otto was born with eyes that some in private circles have called bug-like and a head that is as flat as a tabletop. Now, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue apart from when it comes to making sure his crowns stay firmly in place…

It is painted on 60×60 cm canvas and made using the magic of inspiration, acrylic, pastel and spray paint. 



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Ol’ Smoky

One minute it was over, then suddenly under, then seemingly normal and all in the space of a 2 minute window. Smoky just didn’t know what to do. For a start he couldn’t think straight and even if he could he wouldn’t know what to do either. The only nugget of information that popped in to his dim head was ‘Stop, Drop and Roll!’ and with nothing else to check him he did just that.

He banged his head against the white padded wall and had a sudden moment of clarity before another rapid loss of function. Ol’ Smoky never was the same after he came across that bale of African Gunji 65 back in the day. Some say that if you look real close you can still see the smoke swirling around behind his eyes…

Created using the magic of smoke, pencils and paint pen after I’d seen a Youtube video showing a guy doing something similar. I quite like the way he turned out in the end.



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