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The Manx Missile

The Manx Missile

We only usually come home once or twice a year but this year we had a wedding party to attend so thought we’d try to get some work done at the same time. Since we did a small screen printed version of this picture a while back Mark ‘The Manx Missile’ Cavendish has won ‘BBC sportsman of the year 2011’ so we thought it deserved immortalising life size and in colour in Cav’s birthplace – the wonderful Isle of Man!

On second thought perhaps we should have reworked the picture to include some reference to his girlfriend Peta Todd as she has obvious charms and is clearly quite photogenic…





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Go Cav Go! Drive that train!

One of my friends told me that cycling is the fastest growing sport in the world (although after a quick check online it would seem that mixed martial arts is perhaps the fastest growing sports in the world so i’m not entirely sure what to believe) so we thought we’d do a little tribute to the fastest man on two wheels – Mark ‘The Manx Missile’ Cavendish.

The muse came to visit and her parting words were ‘Sometimes a picture of a sexy girl holding a bike is all you really need…’



Title: I love Mark Cavendish

Media: Screenprint, paint pen and spraypaint

Size: A4

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