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Perfect female animal

Today on eBay we have ‘I married the perfect female animal’. You can check in on the link below:


I think I can speak for a large proportion of men in saying that finding the perfect female animal is pretty high up there on the list of reasons for marriage. Although, saying that, marriage is hardly the inviolable institution it used to be. Anyway, I digress…  Just take a look at this beauty. She be smart, willing, eager and easily pleased. What more could a man want? I’m sure there’s numerous wisecracks I could insert at this point but I’m going to be the bigger man and just let it lie.

This picture have been reimagined from an actual news headline. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!


Title: I married the perfect female animal

Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal

Size: A4


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Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

I just love working on maps. They provide inspiration and a good background in one package. I don’t think this map will be guiding anyone very far again now that she’s art. I’m thinking the best she can hope for is to guide people to the living room…

Now, From Russia With Love is, of course, the title of a 1963 James Bond movie starring Sean Connery but here I’m referring to the phenomenon of mail order brides – of which the countries of the former Soviet Union provide such a bevy of such available ladies (so the internet tells me!) Hence the use of a map of the region.

Anwyay, this is a map of the good ol’ USSR and this is represented by the hammer and sickle tattooed across our bride-to-be’s heart to show her proletariat upbringing. Currently she has made her way west and is now betrotherd to a man in Birmingham, Alabama.

She has been constructed using acrylic paint, charcoal, paint pens and glitter. All this on a map! She’s 48 cm x 60 cm in size and signed on reverse.

Here is the Ebay link

For further information about us and what we get up to you can visit our flickr (www.flickr.com/id-iom) and twitter (@thisisidiom).




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A right bobby dazzler and no mistake!

After posting a while back about our part in this collaboration with the fantastic Mimilove we finally have our grubby mitts on the finished product celebrating our bonus April bank holiday. I have just checked on the web and found that the royal wedding even has it’s own official website. If i’ve ever come across a site that deserves hacking for some internet related tomfoolery (other than perhaps some of the multi-national corporate websites) then it’s this one. I’d just love to substitute our picture for the official one on there…

Not only has Mimi included some lovely little cockney sparrows she has also added a crown on the lovely Ms. Middleton and put some words in the mouth of our corgi headed future king William –  ‘Cor blimey! I can’t adam & eve me mince pies. You’re a right bobby dazzler and no mistake.’ If you have any trouble understanding that sentence you are clearly not a cockney and need to go to the internet for translation.

If anyone is interested this lovely collaborative piece is for sale to commemorate the big day – which, you’ve got admit, was a good one. There were all kinds of street parties going on near us although it was difficult to work out if they were celebrating the marriage of Kate & Will, the fact that the had the day off, the fact that it was sunny or perhaps all of the above…



id-iom & Mimilove
Title: A right royal day off! 
Media: Screenprint, watercolour and sewing
Size: A3

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