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Mr. Mark Foresta of Massachusetts

Mr. Mark Foresta of Massachusetts

Mr. Mark Foresta of Massachusetts

I recently bought myself a Mr Potato Head from a charity shop (as I had already bought the books I wanted and had a few extra quid in my pocket) and after getting it home proceeded to stare at it whilst it sat on my mantelpiece. After a long time of staring eye to eye with it I started to wonder what a real life Mr Potato Head would look like and so thought I should give it a shot. As the one I’d bought was missing a few bits like the hat and moustache my picture of him represents that as well.

After i’d finished the picture I decided to have a little look on to the internet to read up on the actual toy and found out that it was actually based on someone called Mark Foresta who apparently came from from¬†Massachusetts. Sadly a brief search didn’t reveal a picture of him but then again I didn’t try that hard as I like to believe he looks just like the man in this picture. Perhaps the point of the story is that I should stop buying toys from charity shops when I have no children of my own and get on with my work or things like this happen…



Title: Mr. Mark Foresta of Massachusetts
Materials: Paint pen, spraypaint, collage and charcoal
Size: A2
Please email if interested


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