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No. 6

Alan, or Patrolbot No. 6 to his friends, had a dark secret. He was a Metropolitan Police Patrol Unit with limited AI (for difficult on-the-spot decisions) and had been patrolling the same area of South London for a number of years. During this time he had seen a distinct rise in graffiti, street art and tagging and had been busting heads for lesser crimes as long as his memory banks could recall but at some undefined point during the last twelve months he had taken the unilateral decision to become a graffiti artist. Why? He couldn’t be entirely sure. Maybe it was a faulty circuit. Or maybe not.

He didn’t want to find out and had so resolved to keep it concealed during his 6 monthly maintenance service. One thing he was sure of (and was infinitely proud of) was that ‘Alan’ was up all over his borough. No one had more pieces up than he. He made sure of that as he knew all the local patrol times. Now his skills were improving it was time to move onto bigger and better things…

For this bad lad I was just messing around with some old stencils I found but really quite like how this one turned out. It’s on A3 paper. Let us know if you’re interested in him…




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Wine, Glorious Wine!

Here at id-iom there’s nowt we like more than a tight deadline. It means we are forced to focus which means there’s less time for messing around on our behalf and also it tends to mean we’re left to our own devices a little more than if there’s plenty of time and every little thing has to be approved by about 20 people – which is always frustrating. Here we had a couple of days to produce 9 canvases with certain quotes on and a bigger piece on wood of a hand holding a glass of wine for a booze based event. Given the time frame and what we had to work with I was quite pleased with the end result.

On a more serious note wine is actually on our banned substance list. It doesn’t sit well with the id-iom boys. Just so you know for future reference…



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Go on! Put ’em up

Go on! Put 'em up

Go on! Put ’em up

Now for something a little different… Check out this feisty little bugger. He’s just spoiling for a fight and he’s got you in his sights! If you’re not careful he could get you with one of his right hook, left hook, uppercut combos. I’m not entirely convinced of how much damage it would do though as it looks like his skinny little wrists would shatter if he punched anything tougher than a pillow. It looks like they would sprain as he tried to swing his arm through the air!

Is it irony that he was bestowed with an unforgiving and aggressive attitude but has very little to back it up with? It’s difficult to tell how tall he is from the picture but I get the impression he’s quite small but a bit punchy and probably has something of a Napoleon complex. However effective he thinks he is in the ring I know I’d back a 90 year old granny to take the crown off this chump and become King of the Ring.



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A Fiery Soft Mess

I know, I know. It’s an odd title for both a blog post and a picture but there you have it. I’m not going to back down on this one…

What can i say about ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’? Well ‘A-mazing!’ and ‘Lovin it!’ are just two of the top-level superlatives already applied to this piece (albeit on our flickr page 😉 )  but if nothing else she is impressive in dimensions (over a metre tall/wide) although she is painted on a big piece of wood! What springs to mind when i say the words ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’? In fact don’t answer that and just enjoy the picture. In fact pointedly don’t answer the question of what springs to mind when i say ‘A Fiery Soft Mess’. At least we resisted the urge to colour her nipple in. I think i prefer it that way now although I was chief advocate of nipple painting at the time the issue was under question. It just goes to show that you do live and learn.

Keep tuned for the next week’s truism



Title: A fiery soft mess

Media: Acrylic, spray paint and paint pen on wooden board

Size: 122 x 107 cm

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Dead flock lover

No, nothing to do with a necrophiliac wallpaper admirer but some kind of unconscious reaction to the Twilight saga. As it goes, my brother’s lovely ladyfriend had just been reading the Twilight trilogy and i think this had somehow permeated my sub-conscious and then finally re-appeared as this little number after some form of mental processing. Sometimes I think my brain just works on automatic a lot of the time so it’s often difficult to separate out conscious and sub-conscious factors in the creation of new work – not that i try to separate them out very often you understand but sometimes i do have to wonder…

My final flourish was a bit of glitter just to give it that extra bit of sparkle. I’m sure vampires everywhere would approve (particularly the more sensitive and effeminate ones we seem to be seeing more of these days)…



Title: Dead flock lover

Media: Acrylic, spray paint ink, newspaper, glitter, charcoal and paint pen

Size: A2

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