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I’ve got a dirty mind

I've got a dirty mind

I’ve got a dirty mind

There’s something that has been becoming ever more clear in my mind the older I get and that is that nearly all women are truly depraved. On the surface they may seem composed and serene but in reality they can match any man when it comes to filthy and impure thoughts. When women are in groups the kind of things they talk about aren’t shopping or any new beauty regimes, what is actually talked about is just down right dirty and I don’t mean anything so crass as ‘lady troubles’.

These women talk about anything any group of men will talk about but its nearly always about 10 times worse with incredible bouts of vulgarity. The only reason i know this is a technique i’ve learnt called ‘keeping mum and getting drunk’ which, if you’re good at, will eventually lead to them chattering away and forgetting that you are even there. It is at this point that the magic really starts. Next time I’m in half a mind to try and record it – although i’d probably have to fear for my safety for a long time afterwards…





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Blow your mind – id-iom @ the Herbert Museum, Coventry

We were invited up to Coventry on the weekend to do some spraypainting for the Herbert Museum as they are soon to do a street art prints exhibition. We only managed to come up with a design towards the middle of last week and so (as ever) didn’t exactly leave ouselves much time for the cutting and general preparation. The concept was fairly simple in that the model (me!) would be opening a carboard box marked ‘Herbert’ and a concentrated beam of light would be coming out of the box (which is meant to represent the contents of the Herbert) that would ‘blow your mind’ and turn into a multicoloured stencil explosion after passing through the prism of his mind.  High concept indeed…

After an early Saturday start and a couple of hours drive the weather wasn’t great but was at least beginning to look up. Thankfully however we were working under a large gazebo-like tent so the few showers that did turn up didn’t even make us pause. After the boards were put together for us we set to work.

There were also a few other artists painting some boards as well including Pahnl, AsOne, Newso and Ame 72. All in all it was a great day out. We didn’t get to see all that much of Coventry and the little we did see I really quite liked. The ruins of the old cathedral (that were destroyed during the blitz) were particularly nice. On the downside thought there were bouncers outside a couple of the city centre pubs by 10.30am which i took to be something of a dubious sign…

We were the last to finish our picture but by the end of the day the weather was glorious and we had managed to gather a pretty reasonable crowd to watch us putting the final touches to it. After we had finished the guys from the Herbert said that our piece would be finding a new home inside the gallery – which is nice!

Big thanks to Dom and Jess from the Herbert for sorting everything out for us!



Title: Blow your mind
Media: Stencils and spraypaint
Size: 2.4m x 2.4m


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