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With our backs against the wall

With our first day back to work today, I thought I’d share what I’ve managed to get done since the new year. Here we have Lolan on his knees praying to whatever deity he believes in. I’m not entirely sure what he’s praying about but with the state of affairs in the world today it could be anything from the Australian bush fires to Trump’s opening gambit in World War III or maybe he’s just thankful that the Masked Singer is on. It’s really not for me to say but it does seem like we have our backs to the wall and its only the 6th of January. What I can say though, is that Lolan here is number three of four figurines that I’m working on and as you can see I’m in full-on procrastination mode when it comes to the hands…




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Put your hands where my eyes can see

Here is a little WIP of a figurine I’m creating to complement the previous one I’ve done. Originally I thought of them as a pair of bookends but now I’m not so sure. They still need a tonne of work but I’m heading in the right direction. For that direction, I can thank Youtube tutorials where would we be in the modern world without them…



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She walks in beauty (id-iom @ WXSP 2017)

For our fifth visit to Whitecross Street Party we thought we’d go for something mysterious and classy. Whether or not that’s worked is up to you to decide. The lady is based on a picture of ‘plus size’ model Robyn Lawley. Why on earth she is referred to as ‘plus size’ is beyond me though. If you saw her in the street I’m pretty much ‘plus size’ would be the last thing you’d be thinking. It’s an odd world we inhabit.

The lettering we’ve used all over the piece is Lord Byron’s poem ‘She walks in beauty’. Apparently he went to a ball and met his cousin by marriage, Mrs Anne Beatrice Wilmot, who was in mourning and wearing a black dress set with spangles and next morning he’d come up with what is widely regarded as his most famous work. Inspiration can strike at strange times it would seem. Once you’ve combined that with our extra busy striped background then you’ve got another certified id-iom piece. It’s on a 120cm square board. Just drop us a line if interested.

A big thanks to Teddy for having us and, as ever, it’s nice to catch up with the various people that dropped by for a chat. Let’s hope we can bring back some glorious sunshine for next year…



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