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For once I’m at something of a loss for this one. It started life as one thing and by the end had morphed into something quite different. It started life as a simple piece of A4 paper but by the time it was done was this concoction of cardboard, glue, stencils, spraypaint, stamped lettering and something of a dark heart vibe.

The gentleman in the piece is clearly something of a vagabond as it would appear he has cleared out all the bank accounts and made a hasty international departure to an uncertain destination. And all he left behind was a short note. The no-good piece of dirt. If I ever get my hands on him…




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I want a man

I want a man

I want a man

Now there’s a job I could apply for. I just love squandering money, especially when it’s not mine. This lady looks like she’s about to explode if she doesn’t find someone to help her spend her ill gotten gains. Just make sure you don’t ask her where it came from. No one likes being lied to…

Like the rest of this sordid little lot these pictures have been reimagined from actual news headlines. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!

Available from idiom.bigcartel.com/products



Title: I want a man
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4

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Lust has no Money

Lust has no Money

Lust has no Money

Love has all the money. Lust has no money but then again she doesn’t need any. Here she looks like a masked avenger but her saucy XXX attitude is hard to ignore whatever she looks like. She’s a primal emotion understood by most and doesn’t require hard currency. Although that said she knows where most of the bodies are buried and wouldn’t be short of a few quid if push came to shove…



Title: Lust has no Money
Materials: Acrylic, spray paint and paint pen
Size: A2
Please email if interested

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Your urgent response needed

Your urgent response needed

Christmas and New Year have been and gone so I guess our Yuletide Demolition Sale should just become the id-iom Demolition Sale (brought on by the demolition of our studio space – check our blog at http://www.thisisidiom.wordpress.com for some demolition porn soon). Anyway, i digress, we are starting this fantastically amusing piece at £2.99 as we’ve checked and that is the cost to replace the luscious hand made rag paper that this oneofakind screen print is printed on. This is an original 2 layer screen print on some fancy hand dyed (by us) handmade (by somebody else) rag paper. It will look lovely framed so i’m expecting some lively bidding. Here’s the link

This entirely original document was recovered from an archaeological dig in the American mid-west which just goes to show that email, and by extension, email scams have been around for a lot longer than you’d have thought. I’m guessing since about the 1880’s judging by the carbon dating result on this unique artefact. And if you’ll believe that I can let you have it for the bargain price of one million dollars!

Oh how amusing to think of strong-armed cowboys getting blagged by this simple phishing email attack. If only they had the sophistication of us modern day internet warriors! Then they could never be fooled!

In all seriousness though I am a convert to the world of scam emails. I used to get quite annoyed with the amount of missives I received asking for my assistance in getting millions of dollars out of Africa – but now I just love them. I can’t get enough. I grade them on spelling ability, blag appeal, amount of money offered and various other key indicators then I pick the best for a re-design (although sometimes I can’t help but correct spelling mistakes). I really hope someone likes this enough to buy it so I can be vindicated in my obsession and forge ahead and do more.

Also, it is, of course, taken from a ‘genuine’ scam mail so if you are into scam baiting then feel free to email Mr Mark Aburi (at aburimar777@gmail.com) and see what you can get away with…



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The lack of money is the root of all evil

The lack of money is the root of all evil - A3 print

I used a smaller version of this design on the Paperwallet we did a while ago and decided that I liked this quote enough to reproduce it on a larger scale. According to the all knowing power of the internet the quote ‘the lack of money is the root of all evil’ is attributed to both George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain. After a little more digging I still can’t seem to come up with the answer. They were both around at the same time so maybe one said it, the other affirmed it and it has therefore been attributed to both. They clearly didn’t have the internet back then so information must have spread a lot more slowly and it’s whilst it’s possible they both came up with it independently I would rather believe that one simply repeated the quote he’d somehow heard from the other and it was therefore attributed to both in posterity. Maybe one of them was some kind of professional quote thief? Who knows?



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