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The Power of Voodoo

I was reading the other day of something called the Mpemba effect which roughly states that under certain conditions hot water will freeze quicker than cold water. After thinking about it for a while and then reading a little more on the subject I have come to the conclusion that this simple fact has blown my tiny mind. Surely that is the most counter-intuitive thing you’ll hear all day? How does that make any sense at all? Is it magic?

Now, what does this have to do with today’s post I can hear our legions of readers crying? Well, frankly, it’s something of a tenuous link to today’s piece which is called ‘The Power of Voodoo’. She’s something of an abstract combination of spray paint, stencils and screen printing on a lovely old piece of slate which we saved from certain death. Hence our title for this little beauty as she has been resurrected and will now hopefully have a full and happy second life as a piece of art.



Title: The Power of Voodoo
Media: Spray paint and screen print on roof slate
Size: 30 x 46 cm slate
Please email if interested


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