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Mumble love creeping!

Being a slow loris Mumble loves plenty of stuff – food, sleeping and getting tickled to name but a few. But the thing he loves most is creeping up on people. He’s the king of it. It’s in his genes and he just can’t help it. ┬áSo here he is creeping up on yet another unsuspecting victim.

Slow lorises are an interesting animal as they are one of the few mammals with a posionous bite (although it’s quite mild and has apparently only one related human fatality – but that was down to anaphlyactic shock) but due largely to the exotic pet trade and also the fact that they are used in traditional medicine (for their supposed ability to ward off evil spirits) they are now an endangered species. Which is pretty sad when you think about it. Especially after watching the viral video of the one getting tickled…




Work in progress shots


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