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The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

There’s a whole slew of fantasy shows that are popular on various streaming sites like Witcher, Shadow & Bone and many, many more. And I’ve probably seen them all. It’s been a long year. This has led me down the slippery slope of imagining my own show. It would be called ‘The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen’. Think something like Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl with a touch of Bewitched and you’re almost there. 

Averick Cain has had everything taken from her. And now she wants it all back. Yaaasss indeed! This lighthouse of a lady is on a quest to restore her rightful place as the Scarlet Queen and she’s taking no prisoners. Now her tutelage under the brutal Sisters of Affliction has come to an end she is embarking on an epic globe-spanning journey in order to right some historical wrongs. Things will get messy.  

Anyway, my hand painted show poster is A2 in size and made using acrylic, oil and paint pen. She’s available for purchase although you’ll have to agree to make a TV show out of it too. Otherwise you can’t have it.




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Magic Mike

I’ve got an idea and I think Netflix are going to be very interested…

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Mike. Mike was a scrawny little snot nosed punk of a kid but he was still just a little boy all the same. One day Mike was daydreaming of all the important things he’d do when he was grown up – architect, mathematician, wizard and estate agent – he’d dreamed them all when along came a dragon and promised to give Mike everything he ever wanted for one small favour. Mike was somewhat naive to the mechanics of dragon romance and didn’t understand some of the bigger words so readily agreed. In the international incident that followed it’s not entirely clear the exact sequence of events but Mike emerged somehow unscathed and slathered in dragon juice clutching a small totem of himself. Now, when he rubs his magic totem strange things happen.



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