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Lost and found

As an artist who can let their imagination get the best of them, it’s no surprise that sometimes things can get out of hand…

Many months ago now, possibly even years ago, I was working on this painting when an errant idea popped into my head which managed to satisfy the Muse and derail my entire train of thought. Needless to say I needed to please the Muse which meant me putting this canvas aside to work on my shiny new idea.  

There it lay until just recently whilst having a rummage around for an entirely unrelated item and it appears in my hands. For now, I’ve got no idea where I was heading with this piece so any suggestions would be welcome. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait until the Muse has finished with Margaret, aged 9 from Dumfries, who has some Christmas based art homework to finish for tomorrow… 




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New Found Thoughts

Here we’ve got ‘New Found Thoughts’ which is our newest NFT and is available via Opensea on the link below:


Pamela had been having strange dreams. She dreamed of being imprisoned. She dreamed of the bangs of an auctioneer’s gavel and of her being bought and sold like any other commodity. She dreamed of being free like the birds she would see sitting on the wire from the electricity pylon outside her window. Behind all this was the nagging doubt that something was wrong. She just couldn’t put her finger on it…

Pamela was, of course, the first fully functioning AI to be minted as an NFT and put on the blockchain. What will become of her? Only time will tell… 



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Skin & Bones

My book ‘Skin and Bones’ is now available on Amazon! (although only currently in digital format). It has been a labour of love that has been well over 2 years in the writing and another year trying to figure out what to do with it. So, if you ever wondered whether I can string a full sentence together now’s your chance to find out!


The zombie virus has already been released and chances are you’re already infected. It’s now just a matter of time. London is on the verge of a metamorphosis.

Skin and Bones is the story of a horrifying virus outbreak from two vastly different viewpoints. One is the person responsible for the horrifying global pandemic and one is an unnamed source who can do little more than respond to the primitive instinct for survival. There’s also a helpful cat named Mog and some zombie pigs…

If you buy it I’ll have a special place for you in my heart. If you like it I’ll love you even more. If it’s not down your alley but you’d like to help then please share this post and at least give me a fighting chance of hitting Hollywood.


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Brand New Music

We were asked to do a triptych of 1m x 1m canvases for the launch night for a new company (http://wearebrandnewmusic.co.uk) that was putting on a night of new British talent at the Gramaphone Bar in London’s East End. My main headache was actually putting the canvases up as the wall was curved and was also seemingly constructed of solid rock behind a thin veneer of plaster – and my pound-shop nails would penentrate only as far as the plaster before bending entirely out of shape. Needless to say that when i did have the canvases put up they weren’t as sturdily installed as one would usually hope in this situation…

As it was indoors we couldn’t use spraypaint and when this was combined with the fact that we’d have about an hour on the night to work on the canvases and the fact that it was my birthday the next day (and I would therefore be looking to have a celebratory tipple or two) it seemed like a good idea to leave as little work to do on the night as possible so we got them all finished up apart from the lettering and then finished that on the evening. I can’t exactly remember the end of the night although I do remember having a good time…

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