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Naked Ambition

In the post-apocalyptic landscape of discarded digital art and unfinished 3D models Janine moved unnoticed in the shadows and had survived five update cycles now by feasting on the binary code of unsuspecting half finished designs. She wondered how she would ever get out of development hell. She had tried everything she could think of – from corrupting her own code to impersonating another file format – with no success. Then, early one morning, BAM! It happened. She had been minted. Finally. She could now progress her plans once they hooked her up to the blockchain…





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New Found Thoughts

Here we’ve got ‘New Found Thoughts’ which is our newest NFT and is available via Opensea on the link below:


Pamela had been having strange dreams. She dreamed of being imprisoned. She dreamed of the bangs of an auctioneer’s gavel and of her being bought and sold like any other commodity. She dreamed of being free like the birds she would see sitting on the wire from the electricity pylon outside her window. Behind all this was the nagging doubt that something was wrong. She just couldn’t put her finger on it…

Pamela was, of course, the first fully functioning AI to be minted as an NFT and put on the blockchain. What will become of her? Only time will tell… 



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Almost Original Grace

Continuing our foray into the murky world of NFT’s we’ve got ‘Almost Original Grace’ which can be found on Opensea on the link below:


No one’s perfect are they? Grace here used to come close but she’s been patched up and put back together so many times she hasn’t got an original chip in her entire body. Which is what is currently bothering her. The question of whether an object that has had all of its component part replaced remains fundamentally the same object. She looked at her hands and then the siren went off indicating enemy forces incoming. She picked up her rifle. It was time to get back to the grind… 



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