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In the night garden

Fuck street art. Garden art is where it’s at these days. The natural setting lends the picture a certain vitality and gives a more vibrant and natural look. This little lady may eventually end up on the street if I can find somewhere suitable for her to be deposited but I thought something a little more classy would be better for her first foray onto the internet. Well, it’s either that or perhaps I’m just lazy and can’t currently be bothered trying to find a suitable location that isn’t in the garden. Whatever you think I’m going with the first description as the story I’m sticking to…

On a side not I’m not entirely sure why I decided to colour her in blue but I think the avatar look suits her quite nicely. Either that or she’s a rather human looking relative of Igglepiggle from ‘In the Night Garden’. Which would be weird. Oh well, onwards and upwards. What’s next?




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The Mark of the Night Writer

The Mark of the Night Writer

“I find this work menacing/playful because of the way the sublime beauty of the gesture seems very disturbing in light of the eloquence of this piece.” I thought i’d start with a quote about this piece from a very well respected website as it really seems to capture the essence of this piece.

I’m only joking as this piece is not so easy to describe. Unless, of course, you recognise the symbol in the middle in which case I need explain no further. Winter is coming.



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I’m a mole and I live in a hole…

Holey Moley!

There’s not really too much to say about this one other than I was already doing some bits on cardboard and was intending to go and take some photo’s so thought a mole escaping from his underground burrow would make a good shot. More of an experiment in execution than anything else. At least (i think) I’m getting better with the camera and now even know what some (but definitely not all) the dials and buttons do. I’m not entirely sure what I make of it myself other than Mr Mole looks remarkably happy to be free from his subterranean prison. I think i’ll just leave it at that…



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