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Poet Mouse on the Olympics

Poet Mouse on the Olympics (grey)

Poet Mouse on the Olympics (yellow)

Poet Mouse on the Olympics (all 4)

Poet Mouse on the Olympics (back detail)

We had a little competition a while back to guess where i’d borrowed a quote from and so we needed to come up with some prizes. As i’d been rather taken with the Olympics as a whole and with Team GB’s performance in particular I thought what better than a small tribute to the endeavours of the multitude of sportsmen that have kept me entertained over the past couple of weeks. So here we have Poet Mouse expressing it in the words of Armand D’angour in his new favourite poem – An Ode to the London Olympics 2012.  Three of these will be winging their way to the lucky recipients in the next couple of days and I can only hope they like them…



PS – If anyone’s actually wondering what the answer to the competition was it was ‘The Young Ones’


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Olympic sports I’d like to see… The Hipster Hunt

The inaugural Hipster Hunt 2012

The rules would be simple. 50 hipsters would be rounded up from the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane and herded to the Olympic stadium in Stratford. There they would be hunted over a cunningly designed game zone by competitors from across the globe and the gold would be awarded to the one who brought the most glasses back in their trophy bag. Easy.

After a quick bit of recon to work out where she’d look her best we got her up complete with shotgun and official ‘Hipster Hunt’ poster. Where better but the East End of course. I’m sure she’ll be bagging braces of the swaggering bespectacled try-hard’s left, right and centre. Go team GB!



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Come one, come all

Come one, come all

Come one, come all

At last! Summer seems to finally be here! What a result! We got a call on Friday asking if we were interested in doing some boards at the  Whitecross Street Party on Saturday. We checked the weather, which was, surprisingly, promising warmth and sunshine and so promptly agreed. As it was in London it didn’t even require a particularly early start. Which was another good result. After finding ourselves a board to paint we set to work and had this done by closing time. I think the boy in the piece looks a little more sinister than we originally intended but I think it works quite nicely because of that. He certainly looks as though he’s been up to some kind of mischief…



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