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Robots in Disguise!

Robots in Disguise!

Michael Bay has a lot to answer for really doesn’t he? Just the other day I made the unfortunate decision to watch the 2007 Transformers film starring none other than Hollywood oddball Shia LeBeouf. I shan’t be watching any more. ¬†Even though I started with pretty low expectations to begin with to say I was disappointed when the end credits rolled would be an understatement.

Despite the fact that Michael Bay seems to think that explosions and CGI can cover up a paper thin plot my main problem was with the design of the robots. Perhaps it’s just me but I thought they looked dreadful. I would have encouraged the military to blow them all up. And it would have given Bay a good excuse for even more explosions. The last time I saw a Transformers film was the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie featuring the classic 80’s style of Autobot and Decepticon. Now, perhaps I’m just being sentimental but if you ask me that’s how you design an alien robot. Anyway, i’m rambling. This piece is our reply to Michael Bay. Now let’s just see what he gets back with – and I hope it’s not another sequel…




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The Great Pretender

I’m sure there was plenty of times when i pretended i was a Transformer when i was growing up but all my main memories of playing consist of me and my big brother destroying stuff. We used to make model planes just to then take them and douse them in lighter fluid before setting them on fire and throwing them off the roof to meet their fiery doom. I’m sure we must have been quite a handful at the time…

The inspiration behind this one is the power of imagination we all used to have as a child which allows you to play for hours with just about anything you find around you by subverting it’s boring everyday use and giving it a whole new role in life.



Title: The Great Pretender

Media: Screenprint and spraypaint

Size: A3 paper

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