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Must remember to rub out the lines

I think the title says it all. My only excuse was that I was working late in the studio, I didn’t have my bifocals on and I was hungry. With everywhere closed nearby I had a look around the studio and found a sandwich the other half of id-iom had left earlier in the day before he had run out of the studio screaming. That should have been enough of a sign but alas I was hard at work and hungry.

I obviously ate the sandwich, the next thing I know is that I’m tripping out of my head. It’s probably best not to get into what I did during those few hours but I did manage to leave this behind which I only found after returning to the studio days later.

Sadly I still haven’t found the other half of id-iom but I do keep hearing reports that there is a paint covered man running around Brixton talking about a new colour he has come up with.

Let’s just hope he can recreate it when he gets back to the studio




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What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

Well? What does the fox say? According to the viral hit song by Ylvis they make all kinds of nonsensical sounds and I don’t think that’s entirely fair. Take this fox for instance. He’s living in central London with his girlfriend, has a decent job, is erudite and urbane in all he does and actually has a pretty broad lexicon. He has no trouble expressing his thoughts clearly and with good diction. He can even do a pretty convincing Jamaican accent when he has to. Admittedly though here you’ve caught him just about to indulge in one of his favourite pastimes which is, perhaps, not quite so respectable. When darkness falls there’s nothing he likes to do more than ‘skipping’ or, as the Americans like to call it, ‘dumpster diving’. He’ll tear your bin bags to pieces just for the fun of it. And then perhaps compose a short poem about it afterwards. As is the life of the fox…

Anyway, the fox is a first attempt at doing my own cutouts using a jigsaw and I’m pleased to say I still have all my fingers. He’s been cut out of some MDF and comes complete with glowing LED eyes that just make him look badass come dusk. Until tragedy strikes cutouts are my new favourite thing…



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