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A Lady of Ill Repute

Sandra was a decidedly modern woman. She knew exactly what she wanted in life and the best way to get it. She had started her makeup brand at age 18 and, over the next 7years, had parlayed that into The House of Ill Repute – a lifestyle brand that encompassed fashion, homewares, hotels, bars and plenty else in between. 

Now she’s appearing on the cover of Vogue with the tagline ‘A Lady of Ill Repute’. The haters are gonna love that. But you can probably imagine what she thinks of them…

A Lady of Ill Repute is on classy A2 paper and has been made using the magic of acrylic, spraypaint, paint pen, charcoal, watercolour and imagination. She’s available to a good home so drop us a line or she’ll be on our new website soon – www.id-iom.com (link in bio). 




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Other People Graffiti – Penguin edition

It’s been a while since we’ve treated you to an edition of ‘Other People’s Graffiti’ so we thought we’d best rectify that pretty swiftly. Today’s graffiti comes from a pub toilet and, quite frankly, the whole thing raises as many questions as it answers. On the face of it it’s just a quick derogatory scrawl but how does the scribe know what a penguin smells like? Does he work at a zoo? If so, why has he seemingly drawn so many feet on the penguin? Surely he (it was a gents toilet) would know how many feet a penguin has? Also, why has the toilet been wallpapered with issues of  weird 70’s magazines? Too many questions and only this photo with which to work it all out. Let us know if you have any thoughts on the subject…



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