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If you’ve got the inclination then I’ve got the crime

If you've got the inclination then I've got the crime

If you’ve got the inclination then I’ve got the crime

‘I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks, Let’s make lots of money’. So sang the Pet Shop Boys in their seminal 1986 track ‘Opportunities’. They also went on to inform us that if we’ve got the inclination then they’ve got the crime (you can check youtube if you don’t belive me):

Anyway, there we were driving around the Isle of Man with our older brother and some of his kids when this song came on the stereo. Somehow the line resonated in my tiny brain and the next thing you know a plan had formed. I just needed to get home to execute it before the idea faded. I had the beginnings of the idea down on paper when we got stuck trying to figure out what font to use. Luckily that was when my mum walks in with an armful of wrapping paper and lightning struck once again and it was decided we’d use her spidery handwriting as the basis for the piece. A swift scrawl and an extra couple of moves later with a red crayon and some silver leaf and we were on the home straight. And that’s how easy it can be. Sometimes.




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Me and Mr Snuffles – by Lila (aged 4)

It’s funny isn’t it. If a 4 year old passed you just about anything and motioned there was someone on the phone for you you’d probably have a quick fake phone call using the banana (or whatever you were handed) before passing it back and suggesting whoever was on the line wanted to speak to them again. You would probably feel a bit stupid doing it but you’d do it all the same to make the child happy.

Somehow, on the transition from childhood to becoming an adult we lose this mysterious skill of being able to imagine just about anything is real. Or face being carted off to the nearest mental institution. Which is quite a harsh penalty for something that’s positively encouraged as a child.

Anyway, this little girl is strolling round without a care in the world as she has her imaginary ‘dog’, Mr Snuffles, to keep her company. And who’s to say she’s wrong. Not me as I did the picture in the first place.

imaginary dog sketch

As a little bonus here’s my original child-like sketch of Mr Snuffles…



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Cat No Exit

Cat No Exit

It’s not all work, work, work here at id-iom HQ. With Bonfire Night fast approaching I took our little Manx cat aside and tried to have a quiet word with her about how dangerous and scary fireworks can be for small cats that have never experienced it before and how I thought it best that she perhaps stay inside for tonight and Saturday. Before I had even finished speaking she glanced at me contemptuously and darted out through the cat flap. When she finally came back in I thought that perhaps writing the rules down would work but she merely gave me a knowing look and started to play with the sheet of paper. Finally i decided enough was enough and I would create a Cat No Exit sign that blocked the cat flap as I fear that if i merely locked it she would get mightily confused. Here she is trying to devise a way past it all the same…



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