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King Rameses II

King Rameses II

King Rameses II

King Rameses II was also known as Ozymandias in Greek which, in the balance of things, are two pretty impressive names. He is often regarded as one of the greatest, most celebrated and most powerful pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire. A feat which I think we can all agree is pretty special considering the history books are littered with failed, feared and hated kings.

So that, in a nuthsell, was my inspiration for this little number. I came across the idea whilst doing a bit of ‘research’ (or, more accurately, viewing random articles on wikipedia) during a slow afternoon when i came across the big man. You might say “That isn’t research” but you’d be wrong. Strictly speaking I was just amusing myself on the internet but inspiration strikes when we least expect it and i’ve read some pretty amazing stuff pressing the random article button. So therefore it was work. Sometimes something a bit different can recharge the old tanks. As it happens I also know a crow called Rameses but that is a different story entirely…



Title: King Rameses II

Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal

Size: A4


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