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Daily Lament

Today on eBay is ‘Daily Lament’. Click the link below to check it on eBay:


We’ve all heard the phrase ‘That ship has sailed’ well for this lady it undoubtedly has. She is pining for those halcyon days when her life was so much easier and straightforward. When her life wasn’t the mad dash that she lives through today, when she didn’t have to juggle everything in her life at the exact same time. Nowadays there isn’t even time to take a break.

The trouble is just last week she lost her Nokia 8110 which she treasured with all her heart. It’s sleek lines, it’s futuristic ‘slider’ form factor. After so many careful years she ended up leaving on the night bus whilst drunk, which she firmly blames on that chatty and well groomed guy she was trying to impress on the way home. Now though she has nothing. The man has gone home and now she is stuck in one of the lower levels of hell with her sister’s old iphone 4 with cracks on the screen.

People keep calling, texting, sexting, emailing, snapchatting, twittering, facebooking and instagramming. The fitness tracker keeps telling her to do more, the music app keeps telling her to download more stuff. It’s relentless and is all getting a bit too much. She’d love that phone back. Maybe eBay can helpā€¦



Title: Daily Lament
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal and Tipp Ex
Size: A4


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On the up…

In the interests of keeping you informed we have a further update on Mupan and what he’s up to. Last time we saw him he was looking a littleĀ down in the dumps but I have it on good authority that he’s picked himself up, brushed himself off and is now back in business. Just what that business is I couldn’t guess but you can rest assured that it is something decidedly unsavoury.

Here it looks like he’s shouting loudly about ‘Art is trash’ but he’s actually making a fake phone call so he doesn’t look too dodgy hanging around on street corners in the East end as he’s just seen a couple of cop cars go by and he has to wait around in order to ‘meet with his man’. Hmmm, he’ll get himself into some serious trouble some day soon. You mark my words…



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