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Now we here at id-iom don’t follow the traditional working week and that is why we have our 4th installment of Insect Week a few days after our third, we like to keep people guessing.

What can I tell you about Woody that you won’t already know? He has many names depending on where in the country you come from. Chiggywig, Timber Cow, Grandad Gravy, Cheesybug, Monkeypig, Slater, Crunchy Bat, Parson’s Pig and many, many more. He goes by them all. A man of mystery – and more…

What else? Well, for one, he’s a proper tea leaf and will nick anything that isn’t nailed down. Literally anything. He was once the household pet of Ed Sheeran but ended up being handed in to animal welfare because he kept complaining loudly, to Ed, that all his songs sounded the same. He also nicked Ed’s favourite socks before he left..

So  there you go. Forewarned is forearmed. He’s also actually a crustacean in case you were wondering. Woody is A3 in size and made using charcoal, acrylic and oil paint. Drop us a line if you’d like him to adorn your walls.




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Skin & Bones

My book ‘Skin and Bones’ is now available on Amazon! (although only currently in digital format). It has been a labour of love that has been well over 2 years in the writing and another year trying to figure out what to do with it. So, if you ever wondered whether I can string a full sentence together now’s your chance to find out!


The zombie virus has already been released and chances are you’re already infected. It’s now just a matter of time. London is on the verge of a metamorphosis.

Skin and Bones is the story of a horrifying virus outbreak from two vastly different viewpoints. One is the person responsible for the horrifying global pandemic and one is an unnamed source who can do little more than respond to the primitive instinct for survival. There’s also a helpful cat named Mog and some zombie pigs…

If you buy it I’ll have a special place for you in my heart. If you like it I’ll love you even more. If it’s not down your alley but you’d like to help then please share this post and at least give me a fighting chance of hitting Hollywood.


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Skin and Bones – id-iom @ UPfest 2016

Sooooo, I’ve written a zombie book called Skin & Bones that also features some zombie pigs. I’ve yet to do anything with it other than give it to a few friends to read so thought I’d remedy that somewhat by making it the focus of this year’s UPfest wall at our alloted location – the Steam Crane pub. There’s a copy of the book wheatpasted up for part of the background and we even included a little hoopla action for that interactive element. Not a single point was scored with the 20 odd people we played with however. I didn’t think it was going to be that tough to score a measly 10 points… 

Anyway, just in case you’re at all interested in the book here’s a little taster of the kind of thing to expect if it ever gets published:

This morning you woke up feeling a little unwell. You have no appetite, your head is aching, your throat is sore and you think you might have a slight fever. You don’t know it yet, but the zombie virus has already been working away inside you for a week or so and has been busy attacking your immune system. It’s reached the stage where it’s really about make it’s presence known.

Exactly when and where you were infected is unclear as it can take  anything between 21 and 30 days from initial infection to the first proper symptoms. What is more certain is that you are now infectious yourself and have been for a while. Your family, friends and anyone else in close contact with you are all in mortal danger.

The next couple of days will determine if you are one of the lucky few who has some natural resistance and will, at least, survive the infection stage or not. In the highly probable event that you have no resistance then, at some time between 3 and 4 weeks after infection, you can expect the whites of your eyes to turn red, your vomit and diarrhoea will now be charged with infected blood and large blood blisters develop under your skin. You are now at the peak of infectiousness as the virus particles, eager to find their next victim, replicate swiftly inside your body.

What comes next is straight out of a movie. Your brain heats up and you become more aggressive as your mental faculties begin to deteriorate. At some point you’ll become unconscious and then the next time you open your eyes you will no longer be in control of yourself. You are now constantly hungry for human flesh and have the overriding urge to bite someone. Satisfying your cravings is now all your limited intellect can cope with. Congratulations, you are now a zombie.

Calling you a zombie would probably suffice in a pinch but isn’t quite correct however and the term ‘living dead’ would probably seem a better fit. But you won’t care. The virus has made permanent changes. From the second you were infected the grave is your only and eventual way out. At least by that point you’ll have no knowledge of what you’re doing. Just following some of the baser human instincts that have been modified and enhanced. Your end is nigh. Along with just about everybody else’s…



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id-iom vs Roa

 Last year we did a big piece on a wall on Chance Street in the East End of London. The video below shows the piece going up. It was the biggest piece we had done up till then and was certainly slightly daunting. As it turned out it was a beautiful day and we had a great time doing it. we even managed a round of applause from people passing by when we had finished.

Our piece remained in place for a few weeks before Roa did a fantastic piece over it. He apologised when we caught up to him at his exhibition but, of course, there was no need as that is just how these things roll. I was surprised it lasted as long as it had done anyway… here is the video of his piece going up.

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Pigs might fly!

A small bit of street work in Brixton.

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