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Episode 7: Vader’s Big Idea

Star Wars: Episode 6 – The Return of the Jedi saw Darth Vader die. Or did it? In fact, he lived on as a cloned version of himself and after retreating to wherever it is Dark Lords of the Sith go to make their nefarious plans he’s back with a new approach to taking over the galaxy.

In Episode 7 Vader’s back with a new shiny pimping costume and a decidedly different approach to galactic domination. Rather than an army of tough-guy clone troopers he’s decided to get himself an army made up of sexy stormtroopers (cloned from his own dead mother!) that he’s willing to hire out to whoever has the most intergalactic credits to pay. Expect to see cards similar to these in a phone box near you some time soon…



Title: Star Wars: Episode 7 – Vader’s Big Idea

Media: Screenprint and acrylic paint

Size: 10 x 15cm (postcard size)

Available from our Big Cartel store for £5


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Pimp My Art

We will shortly be releasing some prints with Pimp Artworks (www.pimpartworks.com) so we had to come up with some images that will be released as (relatively) large format prints. We will have some images of the pieces on here in due course but thought you may like to see the interview they conducted with us for their blog. You can check it out here.



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