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Angels amongst us

Whether they be truck drivers, cleaners, retail workers, doctors, nurses, tech monkeys or in this case a naked winged celestial being there are angels amongst us during this most testing of times.

In fact, this divine messenger is not here to help as such but more to chastise all the idiots of the world. Just yesterday she had to head to Snowdonia to shame all the idiots who thought flouting the rules in rural North Wales would be a good idea. She also had to spend a bit of time flitting round the coast of the entire UK in order to deter people from congregating in groups, mainly by helping out the pirates of the sea (seagulls) steal peoples chips and generally make a raucous nuisance of themselves. A small but surprisingly effective method to encourage social distancing…




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Sole sister

All Deino Grey had ever wanted was to travel the world. Her sisters had held her back this far but she’d never left home and needed to get out from under their feet so she set out to do just that. 

Her first thought was to become a singer on a cruise ship as her sisters had told her that she had a lovely singing voice (they were lying for their own nefarious purposes) but she got sacked after her first song aboard the Symphony Of the Seas. The reasons for which were never fully explained. She next tried the profession of fisherwoman but all she could ever catch was flotsam and jetsam. It was most frustrating. 

Eventually, Deino settled on saltiest of seadog professions, piracy. It turns out she just had a natural ability for it so now sails around the world taking what she wants from whomever she likes. So there. 

It’s A4 and made using acrylic, paint pen and pencil. Drop us a line to give her a new home.



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I once killed a man…

It’s just like id-iom to be late to the party and it would seem like ‘talk like a pirate day’ is no exception. If you missed it ‘talk like a pirate day’ was yesterday – 19th September – but due to our tardiness we’ll be throwing our hat in the ring today instead with a little pirate themed street art. To that end we have gone for a light pun based work employing the timeless convention of the double entendre. That is all. Now it be time to walk the plank!



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