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Sometimes I feel like throwing my hair up in the air

Work in progress shot

Rather than letting her hair down, so to speak, this lady has decided to stick it up just as high as it will go. The reasons for this are unclear. Whilst she’s got a steely eyed glare on for the camera inside she’s buzzing like a bee in a honey tree. The reasons for this are unclear too. All we know for sure is that she’s ready to take on Kid and Play in the haircut stakes. (If you don’t know what I’m on about I’d suggest using the internet as a research tool and finding out). Word to your mother.




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The Great Pretender

I’m sure there was plenty of times when i pretended i was a Transformer when i was growing up but all my main memories of playing consist of me and my big brother destroying stuff. We used to make model planes just to then take them and douse them in lighter fluid before setting them on fire and throwing them off the roof to meet their fiery doom. I’m sure we must have been quite a handful at the time…

The inspiration behind this one is the power of imagination we all used to have as a child which allows you to play for hours with just about anything you find around you by subverting it’s boring everyday use and giving it a whole new role in life.



Title: The Great Pretender

Media: Screenprint and spraypaint

Size: A3 paper

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