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Sand, Sea & Spray

We’ll be painting at venue no.4

Another week and another art festival. This time in the sunny climes of the North West – specifically Blackpool! We’ve never been to Sand, Sea & Spray before so we are quite excited to be taking part. And if you add to that the extra excitement of not having been to Blackpool for about 20 odd years you can tell we are good to go for this one. We will be painting at venue 4 and I’m just hoping the weatherman is telling lies like usual…

The last time I went to Blackpool I went to the Pleasure Beach and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can’t really remember much apart from the Mousetrap and the Grand National. I think my life flashed in front of my eyes that many times whilst riding the Mousetrap when I was a child that I have somehow become desensitised to such frippery unless they are truly rickety and life threatening. Maybe if we have a few minutes I can go and see what all that childhood fuss was about…





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