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Pocket size Emma Willis

Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little low, I imagine a small, pocket-sized Emma Willis giving me a big thumbs up and suddenly everything is better. Once I make this product a commercial reality I think the world will be a more harmonious place. Just make sure you read the instructions first. It can be tricky to get the settings right.

Today’s crystal resin on the piece represents the idea that ‘into each life some rain must fall’ – and pocket size Emma Willis is here to buck you up when that rain does, inevitably, fall.




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Anatomy of a boss

With the phrase ‘like a boss’ in common parlance you may be under the false impression this piece is about someone who does stuff really well (hence ‘like a boss’) when in fact in this case I’m referring to the more old school definition of someone who owns your time and tells you what to do whilst simultaneously praising your efforts to your face and taking any credit for it behind your back. You know the guy. If you’ve never worked for such a person then aren’t you just the lucky one? Anyway, you can tell he’s a boss because of his dead eyed stare, heart of ice, pockets of cash, f*!k you attitude and his legs full of bitterness and lost hope. And that’s what makes them tick.



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