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Decision Paralysis

Today on eBay is A Clown’s Ransom’. Click on the link below to check it out on eBay:


Now i know you’ve all heard of a king’s ransom but have you ever heard of a clown’s ransom? Probably not and that’s because no one’s ever paid one. Who would?

That said no is quite sure where the term came about. Was it when a clown got kidnapped and a ransom demand was given but instead of paying they just let the clown get it? Or as some others postulate a clown once kidnapped a poor soul but when the clown asked everyone for a ransom they thought it was a joke and carried on with their day. Neither story ends well so i’m not really sure what the moral is. I’ll let you work it out for yourself.



Title: A clown’s ransom
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, and charcoal
Size: A4


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The Golden Squint

Today’s eBay piece is ‘The Golden Squint’. You can check it on eBay on the link below:


It is said that if you gaze at the sunset and squint just so you can see Mount Olympus – home to the entire pantheon of Greek gods. Trying to achieve this so called ‘Golden Squint’ has led many a scholar to his doom but this lady seems to have nailed it without really trying. I wonder what she can see up there?



Title: The Golden Squint
Media: Pencil, gold leaf, pastel and acrylic
Size: A4

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Today on eBay we’ve got ‘Scream!’ You can check it on the eBay link below:


Now if you’ve ever fallen off your bike at great speed you’ll know that screaming a few expletives is a great way to stop thinking about the pain. If you manage to really hurt yourself the best advice i can give you is to ‘Scream for all you’re worth’ and keep doing it, as apart from a magic plaster it is the best way to sort out any injury. But then again I’m no doctor…



Title: Scream for all your worth
Materials: Spray paint, paint pen and charcoal
Size: A2

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Vampire midwinter

Summer solstice is here again. Which is a good time for us humans with those long summery days but think about the poor vampires. This proud vampire lady has been reduced to taking twice daily cold blood showers in her dark and dank underground mausoleum. She hasn’t left for weeks and probably won’t for some time to come. Her neighbours think she’s off in the Caribbean for summertime – as always. In reality she’s been subsisting on a diet of fresh meat delivered by Waitrose and illegally streaming Netflix over her neighbours wifi. Even one minute in those glorious summer rays would reduce her to a pile of ash. Spare a thought.

She’s lasercut on wood at 39 x 26cm and then handpainted. Once you’ve added some crystal resin to represent the cold blood showers and a few little bats to represent her cheeky take on vampire home decor and you’ve got another successful id-iom piece. Drop us a line if interested…



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