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Wrapped up and ready to go

So with nothing new to get on today, we thought we would share the packaging to some artwork we recently sent out to a client. We do like to jazz up our packaging because we’ve found it’s less likely to be damaged or stolen when we do it. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs but if it gets the job done then so be it. It also gives the client a nice little surprise when the postie eventually delivers it. Some clients have even been known to frame the packaging for an extra little something for their wall.




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My way or the highway

We were asked to paint up a sign that had ‘North Pole’ on it and was clearly part of some winter wonderland set in a previous life. We know not why. We were given no brief other than to give it a lick of paint. After sitting around thinking what to do for a while ‘My way or the highway’ is the somewhat inevitable result. I wish it well in it’s new incarnation wherever it ends up. Godspeed my odd little signpost…



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