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Dama dama

Dama dama

Dama dama


Maps have proved very useful over the years. Although I doubt this map will be guiding anyone anywhere again. Destiny has something entirely different in store for this particular map. She’s become art.

Now although I’ve never had my own stag do I’ve been on a few and I think one of the more poetic ways to describe it is ‘enterrement de vie de garçon’, which literally means ‘(the) burial of the life as a boy’. Now I’m not saying that is what actually happens but it has a nice sentiment all the same.

Drink, drugs and many other types of debauchery are acceptable, lap dances too – and all in the name of marriage. A lot of British stag do’s now travel away and a popular destination is Prague so i thought an old map of the region would do it justice.

She has been created using the magic of acrylic, ink, watercolour and charcoal, is 48 x 60cm in size and has been signed on reverse.

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