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A box for Sunday!

Little Sunday here came into the UK on a false dog passport from Lithuania to be sold on at a huge profit. She was caught at dog customs and put into quarantine but after the necessary checks was certified healthy, given a new British passport and found her way to our friend who’s a dog trainer via Dogs Trust. Since then she’s got a little box for her to snooze┬áin and also to stand on whilst training. And who better to give the box a little lick of colour than us. As the box is used both sides up we wanted her name to be legible either way and to give it a nice lady-like colour scheme. Add to that the ‘with love from Lithuania’ and you’ve got the whole package. Now doesn’t she look just adorable?




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Coco the slightly sad looking puppy

I thought i’d share a picture of a gift just completed for a friend. It’s based on a photo of his dog called Coco who looks slightly sad in this photo. We don’t usually do things like animal portraits but he asked nicely so what can you say? I’m not sure if he knows exactly what kind of work we usually do and think he is probably expecting something a little bit more traditional – but this is what he’s going to get! I had to hold myself back from adding more design detail in the background but think the plain white works well.

I have been guaranteed that Coco is actually quite a happy puppy but this was his favourite photo of him so it was the one to go for…

For a large version of the picture go to our flickr page here



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