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Rabbit in your headlights

When I first found this piece of metal I’m pretty sure I had a good idea in mind for it. Fast forward a couple of months and I find it in a corner of my ‘studio’ (which is currently a shed) and can’t remember for the life of me what I was going to use it for. Hmmm, what to do next? Whilst racking my feeble brain for my original idea the song ‘Rabbit in your headlights‘ (by UNKLE featuring the dulcet tones of Thom Yorke) comes on the stereo. For those that are unfamiliar with the song and video I’ve posted it below.

Thankfully this inspired me to ditch the search for my original idea (if you read this please come home!) in favour of one inspired by the UNKLE song. So here we have a man sat deep in thought who can’t see the metaphorical headlights of the car that’s coming to hit him. It’s probably his girlfriend driving. The lights are metaphorical because otherwise this would be a precursor to a pretty grisly scene from ‘World of Rallying Gone Wrong’. Anyway, I think this piece will be joining the pile of street drop stuff to be deposited when I can find a half decent day in which to enjoy putting it out…




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