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The Power of Rah

With wall one at Rah Rah Room completed it was then time to turn our attention to the next wall. The wall is situated directly ahead as you descend the stairs into the club so needed to be high impact and a clear indicator of the kind of night you’d find yourself in for. The┬ádecision was made that it was to be the lady in the necklace and fancy Rah Rah head dress. After just a weekend to get supplies and otherwise get prepared it’s then time to get to work. Once the lady was up and her head dress was just as fancy as can be came the somewhat laborious task of applying a load of diamantes to her necklace and a couple to her eyes to give them a bit of sparkle. The only remaining task was then trying to get a decent shot of it all. Which we didn’t seem to do very well at. I can only assure you that she sparkles beautifully and has lots of diamantes set into her necklace.




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