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So there i was trying to work out what to paint on the wall when the idea of doing a self portrait suddenly occured to me. I’m not entirely why I decided to do it as i reckon it’s fairly dangerous ground to cover. It seems a little self obsessed and surely everyone is their own worst critic – especially when the subject is themselves. Nonetheless i decided to carry on regardless and see what would come.

Now I probably wouldn’t be making this post if I was entirely dismayed at my attempts to capture myself and would probably have just painted straight over it in a pique of embarrassment, so,  i suppose by virtue of the fact that you can see my attempt means that i’m somewhat pleased with the end result. Although anyone who knows me (and is therefore in a position to comment) will surely be able to make up their own mind as to the success of my venture. So i’ll just leave it at that for now…




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