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Sam Crow

Let’s just start with the basics. Sam Crow here isn’t even a crow. He’s a raven. But he was raised by crows. His first name isn’t even really Sam either but he doesn’t know that yet. There is much that Sam is yet to learn.

His adopted father had enlisted him in the Royal Bombardiers when he turned of age and he’d been progressing rapidly up the ranks ever since he’d masterminded a devastating ambush on the gulls at the Battle of Subway.

His education and enlistment had all been part of a mysterious agreement made many seasons ago when Sam, who was fresh out of the egg, had been adopted by Belasko’s nephew. The reasons for the rush adoption had been unclear but the payment for doing so was less ambiguous.

All said and done the wheels are already turning and great things are afoot for young Sam Crow. But he doesn’t know that yet either…

We’ve got previous in the world of crow related art and this is just the latest instalment of an occasional but ongoing epic tale of urban avian skullduggery with more aerial combat, vicious peckings and egg smashings than any story has a right to contain. All conducted right above our heads on the busy streets of London.

They’re A2 and made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. Drop us a line if you’d like to give either Sam a home…




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King of the Corvidae

“It was not a job he wanted but, somehow, it was a job he’d got. He was standing on a small pile of rocks with a light morning breeze ruffling his feathers and gazing out over the sea of carnage in front of him. A magpie standing nearby was nervously recounting the events of the previous evening. His words came in staccato gasps ‘The seagulls came in the dead of night and attacked en masse. Everyone was exhausted from the feast of McDonalds. A couple of rooks managed to raise the alarm but it was already too late…’. The words washed over him while he slowly came to the realisation that he was now in charge. Tears could wait. It was time to show these gulls who ruled the airspace around here once and for all.”

If I had to write a story based on this picture I’m pretty sure that’s how it would start. An epic tale of urban avian skullduggery with more aerial combat, vicious peckings and egg smashings than any story has a right to contain. All conducted right above our heads on the busy London streets. I think maybe I just got up too early this morning…



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This slightly sinister looking raven (or is he a large crow?) has found a sparkly pile of carbonado (or ‘black diamonds’ to you and I). The photo doesn’t really do it justice but there’s a load of glitter on those there stones and that’s what attracted him in the first place, as he has some magpie blood in him on his mother’s side. He knows their value and he’s prepared to defend them. With as much force as he can muster. Which could be quite a lot considering his size, evil looking red eye and imperious pose. I’d just leave him to it if I were you…



Title: Carbonado
Materials: Spray paint, stencils, glitter, paint pen and screen print on tile
Size: 30 x 22 cm tile
Please email if interested

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Tweet tweet

Ah, the sweet sounds of a songbird. Or in our case a raven proclaiming it’s raucous shriek to all and sundry. That will be our Twitter feed. To celebrate id-iom’s arrival on Twitter (probably just as everyone else is about to leave to use the newest up-and-coming social networking app) we thought we’d put a little blog post up to see if we couldn’t wrangle a few more followers than the paltry 17 we currently have (but big thanks to the 17 that have already signed up. I love you guys!)

So, if you fancy hearing our every thought and love the idea of a constant stream of tweets to interrupt your oh-so-busy day then all you have to do is follow this link and sign yourself up. Sorted. A million followers here we come!



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Now we eat mouse…

Sometimes the muse makes you do funny things. You may start off with different ideas but before you know it  you’ve painted a big picture of a hungry schizophrenic raven with a bad heart who has just found himself some dinner. Whilst the motivation behind some pieces is obvious or easily worked out i’m really not sure myself of how this one came to be. So there you have it. Class dismissed.



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