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Licorice Rays

Licorice Rays

Sometimes there is little explanation for a piece other than ‘the wall was there and begging for it’. And that is very much the case with this picture. It’s clearly four ladies with laser beams (or licorice rays – but we’ll come to that in a second) coming out of their ‘disquietingly immobile’ eyes and getting reflected around the place. As for the licorice rays, well, unfortunately that one slipped by the id-iom Department of Spelling as, of course, we in the UK spell it liquorice. Heads will roll.

As a small aside we were filmed doing this wall but it turns out the audio didn’t come out very well so we have to go and do the interview again. Interviews are not my favourite thing as hearing my own voice back reminds me quite how odd my own accent sounds. Oh well…




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