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Ready to earn your stripes?

Ready to earn your stripes?

Ready to earn your stripes?

Well. What can you say about this one? I’m glad to say that for once this wasn’t just a product of my overexcited mind but was actually a commission. The commissioner got it as a gift for her boyfriend. It doesn’t really have much subtlety but sometimes in the game of love that’s all that’s required. I hope it had the desired effect…




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Ready or not, here i come!

When i was growing up i think hide and seek used to be my favourite game (other than just generally destroying stuff). After looking it up on wikipedia it would appear that we used to play a variant of the original game and i’m pretty sure we used to call it ‘Buzz Off’ (although i only have my shaky memory to depend on for that!)

I’m determined to bring this game back as i’m convinced it will still be fun to play – especially if you have had a drink or two! I reckon that Health & Safety would probably have something to say about it although i definitely wouldn’t be the one to tell them…



Title: Ready or not, here i come!

Media: Screenprint, spraypaint and stencils

Size: 46 x 31 cm slate


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The Game of Love

Some in-progress shots (and final shot) of our latest piece – The Game of Love. This picture reminds me of my (misspent) youth although I suppose a picture of a gambler/fruit machine would perhaps be more fitting….


Ready or not, here i come!

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