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Man at work

I was just looking for something else on my computer when I come across this rare image of the younger half of id-iom actually doing some work! I know because I took the shot. Any pics that you may have previously seen showing him doing something that looks like work will undoubtedly have been staged or digitally generated using Photoshop. What’s more incredible is that he’s also up a small pair of steps (which are just out of shot) so that makes the whole thing doubly rare. He doesn’t like using ladders at the best of times. Even small ones. If only I could remember what had driven him to such extremes. Perhaps I was suffering from whooping cough or the more dangerous man flu at the time. Who knows?




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id-iom vs Rosa’s Thai Cafe

When we got a call from Rosa’s Thai Cafe about painting a mural at their imminently opening new branch in Brixton we jumped at the chance. Amongst other things it’s nice working close to home for a change. After a couple of meetings and a bit of R&D banter with them and their architects/interior designers¬†it was decided that a shutter wall would be constructed to give it that grimy urban look and we’d paint directly onto that. After batting round a few designs we finally had a winner – the slightly bemused looking lady with a custom designed ambigram wallpaper style background.

Given that we’ve done this enough times to know that the wallpaper stencil would be slightly lost on the shutters due to their curvature we decided to go belt & braces with it and laser cut some wooden cutouts of the wallpaper design so there would still be some clarity to the design if you cared to look that closely. After a busy day’s painting whilst the workmen were still at work on the interior we managed to get it all completed. Given that it’s the launch party this evening it looks like the install went just fine from there. Time for us to dig out some glad rags for later…



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