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Run rabbit run!

Eagle eyed viewers will be aware we have previous with rabbits and their leporine brethren. Somehow they’ve managed to convince the majority of the world into believing they are cute and loveable creatures but in reality they are actually maladjusted and homicidal megalomaniacs.

I can’t trash talk them too much however as we have entered into a pact whereby we won’t provoke the other side. That doesn’t mean I won’t slander them when they come at me first though!

They’ve been in the vegetable plot and eating my flowers again and I’ve just had enough. I know they’re doing it on purpose. Now, it’s full on war…

As you can see I’ve donned my bunny outfit and now it’s time to try and lull them into a false sense of security so that they could be manhandled into a sack and sold to Pets At Home. It’s only because of the pact that I don’t sell them to the fancy food market nearby…




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This little piece was a commission for our id-iom’s trusty construction consultant. If there’s a need to install, build or otherwise use power tools then he’s our go-to man. One of the things he’s also interested in is diving so that was the inspiration for this little number. This picture must have confused our framer a little though as he’s managed to put the string at the bottom of the picture so it hangs upside down. Luckily it will be an easy task for our construction specialist to rectify this little problem.



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