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Lachrymose Mike

To say this guy is a little maudlin is probably the understatement of the year so far. The confluence of a great number of things have contributed to this feeling but, just to recap, the main things are: that he recently lost his girlfriend to a tatty Teddy Ruxpin talking teddy bear from 1985 which she claims can better provide for her financial and emotional well-being than he ever could, that his job was given to a AI computer programme built by a 6 year old using an old Commodore 64 he found in his parents garage, that misery was heaped on misfortune for this unfortunate soul when a freak accident involving a packet of Rolo’s and an elastic band caused him to lose all his hair overnight. It’s not all bad though. At least he’s got all those shares in Toys’R’Us…

It is A4 in size and made using the magic of acrylic, paint pen, pastel and charcoal.




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Why my cat is sad…

My cat is sad because I had to swap her for a woodend stunt cat as she wouldn’t sit still long enough for my highly amusing photo shoot featuring a cardboard lion. Now she just stares listlessly out of the window thinking about the time she almost became a bigger internet star than Maru; the cat who will attempt to sit in any size box. Her sadness is compounded by fact that was irked by my repeating the mantra ‘big cat little cat cardboard box’ whilst setting up the shot and now she can’t get it out of her head.



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Down in the dumps

Since we last saw Mupan he seems to be a little unhappy. Not that I’m one to wallow in other people’s misery but I have to say it gladdens my heart (just a little) to know that someone has managed to take him down a peg or two.  I’m not sure what he’s been getting involved with and I don’t much care but you can bet your bottom dollar it was something dodgy that has backfired on him.

The sad truth is that I know him well enough to know that this won’t last for long. He’s up and down like a yo-yo and I’m sure it won’t be too long before he’s back with another harebrained plan. I just know it…



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Unrequited Love Bear

Unrequited Love Bear

I know that love is meant to be blind but it was never really going to work out was it? We have The Girl with the Pelmet Crown and a Care Bear. She’s a frosty and aristocratic human-looking character and he’s a Care Bear. No wonder he’s resorted to drinking to soothe his ragged nerves.

We can only imagine the pain when he exposed his feelings and she ruthlessly snubbed him and crushed his dreams in the process. And now between them they’ve smoked enough cigarettes that the entire room is filled with clouds. Hopefully he’ll get over it some day…




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Nobody likes a sad clown…

Well, it’s true! Nobody does like a sad clown. Clowns are contradictory enough as it is with their fake smiles and cheery alcoholics’ red noses. You don’t need one crying (even if it is a little girl) just to sour the milk further.  I, for one, have never really liked clowns. Lion tamers – yes! Contortionists – yes! Trapeze artist – yes! Clowns – NO! But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway we had found a spare wall so thought we’d give some freehand a little go. Now whilst i’m not entirely happy with the outcome i’m not totally dismayed either. Hopefully we’ll be moving onto bigger and better things. Eagle eyed readers will spot my attempted freehand bit of lettering in the girls hair – which looked a lot worse before we went over it! It looks kind of neat there…

Now we just need some more walls to practice on…



Title: Nobody likes a sad clown

Media: Spraypaint

Size: 6ft on wall

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Pussy gets wet!

While we were at home the last time we got this piece done for a friend. The video is well worth a watch – even if only for the soundbites that have been edited in:

and here’s a picture of the final piece:

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