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When life gives you lemons…

When I was mixing up the black ink for printing these I put in more pigment that I thought necessary and it was proper black. At least it looked it. Strangely though once it had been printed it came up grey. I did a couple more just to check I wasn’t going mad and then thought about crying. Screen printing can be pretty frustrating sometimes. Rather than throw a sulk and just chuck everything in the bin I thought I’d make the best of the situation and salvage what I could and these are the result. I like them more than I should probably because I know just how close they came to being binned. It turns out I’d used an old pigment or possibly old base goop and it somehow loses it’s ability to hold decent colour. Everyday is a school day.

Anyway they’re on A2 paper and are made using the magic of screen printing and spray paint. Perhaps I’ll get round to doing them again in black and completing them as per my original vision someday. Who knows? Drop us a line if interested.




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Urban art exhibition @ Chapel Arts in Cheltenham

Now the Cheltenham Festival may have been and gone but if you live anywhere near the area here’s a hot little tip for you. We’re exhibiting a few pieces alongside other artists such as My dog sighs, Korp, Dice 67 and Zabou at the Urban Arts exhibition at Chapel Arts on Knapp Road in Cheltenham. It’s running from this Friday (25th March) until the 16th April. It’s always good to make it down on opening night if you can – some lovely artwork, a beer or two and if anyone asks you can sound like you’re doing something cultural. It’s in the balance at the moment whether we’ll be able to make it or not but if we do we’ll see you there…



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Skin and Bones – We got a gun!

In my continuing efforts to drum up some interest in the zombie book I’ve written I’ve done another small artwork based on it. Here we can see that they’ve finally got a gun. Now, I’m not entirely sure of the real world use of a gun in most zombie situations as it surely just attracts more of them to your location – which is the last thing you want – but it’s definitely a good backup. In this instance they are taking some revenge and trying to find their friend. Don’t worry too much as they are mostly doing it from the confines of an armoured Range Rover. Here’s a little taster:

“Eventually the car finds it’s way to the cricket pitch and they drive a slow circuit around the outside of the ground. I want to jump up and signal their attention but something tells me to be wary. They pull up beside the bonfire just as one of the school kid zombies from earlier emerges onto the south edge of the field. The driver guns the engine and the Range Rover pulls forward on a collision course with the zombie. I can hear the sickening crunch of bone even from my position some distance away.”



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A portrait of the artist as a young man

Since I’d done a self portrait yesterday I thought it was only fair that today I did a portrait of the other half of id-iom. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve outdone myself but I think it’s just about recognisable as him. He’s got the same screen printed background featuring the id-iom seal of approval and I’ve coloured his nose in green as he just mentioned the other day how he rarely uses the colour green in his designs (for some reason best known to himself) so I thought I’d remedy that here. Right, what’s next?



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The picture you never asked for

I’ve never really done a self portrait before and I’ve no idea why the muse demanded it but here it is – the picture you never asked for. Despite the fact we’ve used ourselves for models for a number of our pieces over the years (mainly because we’re always available and happy to work cheap) I’d never considered a self portrait – until now. With the screen printed id-iom seal of approval as the background I think I’ve just about captured my own likeness well enough so that maybe you can recognise it as me (if you happen to know me obviously). Anyway, it is what it is but I’m interested to know what anyone thinks…



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