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Self portrait – men with big noses

The other half of id-iom told me just the other day that I should probably stop drawing men with big noses and I thought he was probably right as I have about 20 half-finished pictures sat around featuring men with big hooters. But then I did an about turn. 

With inspiration running low and no idea of what to paint I was staring vacantly out the window when my eyes refocused – and what did I see but my own face complete with statuesque Roman nose staring back at me. That was enough to get the creative juices flowing, so I quickly set to work on my latest self portrait. Something I said I’d never do again after my last attempt which resulted in ‘High Risk Hugo’.

This time things haven’t gone much better, it would seem I still have a penchant for making my face look more like a horror movie monster than what I actually look like or perhaps all these months of lockdown have been getting to me.

Also I spent far too long painting the colours in the background but I guess I’ve had some time on my hands. 




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The picture you never asked for

I’ve never really done a self portrait before and I’ve no idea why the muse demanded it but here it is – the picture you never asked for. Despite the fact we’ve used ourselves for models for a number of our pieces over the years (mainly because we’re always available and happy to work cheap) I’d never considered a self portrait – until now. With the screen printed id-iom seal of approval as the background I think I’ve just about captured my own likeness well enough so that maybe you can recognise it as me (if you happen to know me obviously). Anyway, it is what it is but I’m interested to know what anyone thinks…



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